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Forensic Investigation Summer Camp

Session 1: June 12-14, 2017 | Session 2: June 29-30 | Beckley, West Virginia

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students comb a field for bullet casings

Help us break the case

Our day camp allows middle and high school students to explore the forensic investigation field and learn how to see the world with the detective's eye for detail.

Fingerprint analysis

Fingerprint Analysis

In this workshop, you'll work with professionals in the field to learn how fingerprints are found, collected and analyzed - and what a simple fingerprint can mean for a case. 

Crime scene investigation

Crime Scene Investigation

What can the smallest detail tell you about a crime scene? Everything. In this workshop, you'll learn what to look for and why it matters when you're trying to crack the case.

Bloodstain pattern analysis

Bloodstain Pattern Analysis

Just a few drops can tell the eagle-eyed investigator everything from how a wound was caused to where people were standing when an incident occurred. Learn how in this hands-on workshop.