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Forensic Investigation Summer Camp

This fascinating day camp allows students to dive into the world of forensic investigation.

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students comb a field for bullet casings

Help us break the case

Our day camp allows high school students to explore the forensic investigation field and learn how to see the world with the detective's eye for detail.

Across crime scene tape in the foreground, we see two female students chatting as one takes notes on a clipboard in a dark room, lit starkly from one side.

Crime Scene Reading and Interviewing

Hone your observational skills and learn specialized techniques for interviewing and scene reading as you take on the role of detective to investigate a simulated crime scene with your team. 

Students sit at a table where they examine sheets of paper that contain multiple fingerprints

Latent Fingerprint

How are fingerprints used in criminal investigations? Students will learn how prints are developed on different surfaces and conduct comparisons to determine who committed the crime. 

A person holds a flashlight and works with blood splatter.

Blood Stain Analysis 

Students will analyze blood spatter and learn from clues to determine what occurred at a crime scene. 

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