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Forensic Investigation Summer Camp

June 11-14, 2018, Beckley, WV

The 2018 camp is currently full. Check out our other camp opportunities.
students comb a field for bullet casings

Help us break the case

Our day camp allows middle and high school students to explore the forensic investigation field and learn how to see the world with the detective's eye for detail.

Fingerprint analysis

Trace Evidence Examination

In this workshop, you'll work with professionals in the field to learn how hairs, fibers, glass and paint fragments play an important role in investigation.

Crime scene investigation

Crime Scene Investigation

What can the smallest detail tell you about a crime scene? Everything. In this workshop, you'll learn what to look for and why it matters when you're trying to crack the case.

Bloodstain pattern analysis

Forensic DNA and Biological Evidence

Students will determine if a substance could be blood and further perform DNA testing laboratory techniques.