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Academy Report

Keep up with the 2017 STEM Summer Academy for Girls as we explore the power of women in STEM!

Day 1 - Sunday

The class of 2017 gathers in front of Carter Hall for a photo.Students work on their design project.

After all of the campers had checked into their rooms, they had dinner at the Bears Den then headed to Carter Hall for orientation. Counselors and staff introduced themselves before the campers played some fun icebreaker games to learn each other's names and get familiar with each other. Afterwards, one of WVU Tech's professors in the Chemical Engineering department, Dr. Kimberlyn Gray, gave a presentation on the design and engineering of women's footwear.

Day 2 - Monday

2017 Academy students meet with WVU Tech president Carolyn Long.

Monday was science day.

After breakfast, the campers were split into two groups who took turns going to a biology class taught by Dr. Lisa Ferrara and a robotics class taught by Dr. Kimberlyn Gray.

2017 Academy biology course

In biology, the campers got to participate in a microscopy workshop. They learned how to properly use a microscope and got to look at, identify, and learn about different microscopic cells and bacteria, such as paramecium, rotifer, and blepharisma.

In robotics, the campers learned how to program a Lego robot to do simple tasks like drive in a square and navigate an obstacle course using the Lego MINDSTORMS EV3 software.

After lunch, campers had time to work on their pair projects in which they create a PowerPoint presentation on what they've done and learned at camp so far.

They then met and took pictures with the campus president, Carolyn Long, who talked to them about her background and how important women in STEM are.

Dr. Crystal Sheeves works with an Academy student to demonstrate how nurses determine blood pressure.

Both groups then had a nursing class taught by Dr. Crystal Sheaves. She first spoke with the campers about different facets of the nursing profession. She then demonstrated taking a patient's vital signs like height, weight, blood pressure, and pulse. The campers finally got to practice measuring vital signs for one another.

After dinner, they headed to Carter Hall to work again on their paper shoes. After making significant progress, they headed back to Hogan Hall to enjoy some free time before lights out.

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Day 3 - Tuesday

Tuesday was Engineering day.

After breakfast, the campers went to a civil engineering class taught by Dr. Joseph Howard and an electrical engineering class taught by Dr. Kenan Hatipoglu.

An academy student showcases her bridge project in class.

For civil engineering, the campers learned the basics of different forces, stability, and structures like bridges. They made their own bridges out of wooden skewers and Play-Doh and got to test out the structural strength of their creations.

In the electrical engineering session, students learned about electrical engineering as a career as well as circuits and the meaning of the terms charge, voltage, current, power, and energy. They got to create their own projects using electrical snap circuits.

After lunch, the campers went to a chemical engineering class taught by Dr. Gifty Osei-Prempeh and a mechanical engineering class taught by Mr. Shahed Mustafa.

Students in chemical engineering learned about what makes certain substances and materials conductive. They made their own batteries using substances such as salt water and bleach.

Students work on a project in the chemical engineering class.

In the mechanical engineering session, Mr. Shahed Mustafa spoke with the campers about the principles of gears and gear ratios. The campers were able to use model wooden gear sets to build simple demonstrations of gear systems.

After dinner, they finished up their paper shoes and showed them off in a fashion show/competition in Carter Hall. The campers then headed back to Hogan Hall for some free time before they went to bed.

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Day 4 - Wednesday

Wednesday was project day.

Students pose for a photo during an Academy session.

The campers got an hour to work on their projects after breakfast. They then headed to an industry session with Toyota. Representatives from the Toyota Motor Manufacturing plant spoke on the manufacturing processes that take place in their plant. The campers got to do hands-on activities, exploring the methods of manufacturing engine components by hand and programming logical controllers.

After lunch, Dr. Sanish Rai gave a session on web design. The campers were taught basic HTML coding techniques and got to make simple webpages.

Students work on a project during the industry session with Toyota.

The campers worked on their projects again before dinner. In the evening, the campers listened to our guest speakers, Lake Morehouse and Linda Remnant, who talked about different STEM careers and how much money you truly need to make to live the life that you want to live.

During free time, some campers chose to do some extra work on their projects before bed.

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Day 5 - Thursday

Academy students stand for a photo in front of a WVU Tech residence hall.
Thursday was field trip day.

After having breakfast at the Bears Den, the campers were taken to Charleston for a field trip. The first place they visited was the Clay Center Center for the Arts and Sciences of West Virginia. There, they got to visit a few exhibits and watch "Back to the Moon for Good" in the center's planetarium. 

Students enjoyed a very special lunch at Hibachi Japanese Steakhouse where they heard from our guest speaker, Karissa Poszywak, as she talked about how important it is to do what they're passionate about, make connections with others in different careers and continue to learn and do their best. She shared her personal experiences and gave advice on making plans for their futures.
Academy students enjoy an afternoon of ice skating in Charleston.
The campers had a lot of fun ice skating before heading back to campus. In the evening, they had pizza and watched "Hidden Figures," a movie about three brilliant African-American women who serve as the brains behind one of the greatest operations in history: the launch of an astronaut into orbit.

Day 6 - Friday

Friday was the final day of camp.

Students learn Scratch programming during the 2017 Academy program.

After breakfast, the campers got to work on their projects and had a class on Scratch Programming taught by Cody Zackoski.

In Scratch Programming, they learned about fundamental programming tools and techniques as well as how to use the software. They got to develop their own Scratch programs, too.

Presentation winners pose with their certificates.

After lunch, they finished their projects and went to Carter Hall to present them. They shared with their families what they had learned during their time at the Academy. After the winners were announced and everyone finished eating, they checked out of the residence halls and got to go back home.

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